2.5.1 (2020.11.17)

  • Removed edge bands from WoodenMaterial
  • Refactoring of EdgeBanding class
  • Renamed CotDrawer Component to Drawer
  • Moved ChestOfDrawers and Chest to same level
  • Renamed label Cómoda como Cómoda / Cajonera
  • Moved ChestOfDrawersWithBabybath as descendant of ChestOfDrawers
  • Added Sotware service
  • Correction of MelaminePaper class

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2.5 (2020.11.09)

  • Wooden floor category deleted
  • Added wood and edge bands to WoodenMaterial
  • Moved Lighting from MixedUseComplement to Product
  • Revision of classes disjoint

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2.4.8 (2020.02.10)

  • Addition of categories in fittings
  • Addition of tools in auxiliary equipment
  • New synomyms for some concepts
  • Addition of missing labels and comments in @en and @es for some object properties

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2.4.7 (2019.11.04)

  • Addition of new classes in furniture categories
  • New text property for technical specifications
  • New object property Density for substances and wooden floors and materials
  • Reshaping of Wooden boards category in Materials branch
  • Extension of wooden items used in building activities
  • Addition of industrial protection elements and home items
  • Addition of diameter property for fittings, thickness property for boards and properties for industrial protection elements
  • Minor corrections in rdfs annotations

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2.4.6 (2019.06.03)

  • Addition of more Building elements with corresponding material property
  • Further classification of furniture complements
  • Addition of more classes in different categories

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2.4.5 (2019.05.21)

  • Addition of properties and options for tertiary packaging
  • Reclassification of materials class
  • Reclassification of furniture complements
  • Renamed industries options in logistics for testing

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2.4.4 (2019.05.20)

  • Added part of “Tertiary materials” with properties
  • Changed namespace of “File-type” properties from nimble to FurnitureSectorOntology
  • Updated range of “File-type” properties from nimble:CodeType to http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema#string (NOT YET)
  • Updated rdfs:label annotation (English and Spanish) with plurals to enhance the search

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2.4.3 (2019.05.14)

  • Added FileProperty property to represent file attachments for those “File-type” properties

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2.4.2 (2019.05.09)

  • Refactoring of classes (i.e.: Equipment > AuxiliaryEquipment)
  • Reclassification of some classes

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2.4.1 (2019.05.06)

  • Added property originTransport and destinationTransport with TransportPlaceList in nimble:hasCodeList annotation. This list is empty so the corresponding codes rely on the UI.

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2.4 (2019.05.03)

  • UnitLists and CodeLists considering only nimble namespace
  • cbc namespace removed (and corresponding classes)
  • New service categories
  • Moved all “Code-type” properties as sub-properties of the object property nimble:codeProperty
  • Corrected reverseLogistics property, from annotation nimble:hasUnitList to nimble:hasCodeList

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2.3 (2019.04.16)

  • synonyms as skos:altLabel
  • UnitLists and CodeLists considering nimble and cbc namespaces
  • New product categories
  • Logistics services

2.2 (2019.01.31)

  • properties hasName, hasDescription and hasDescriptionOfMaterials correctly assigned to entities
  • disjoint classes corrected
  • entities IRIs corrected

2.1 (2019.01.09)

  • Some categories have been re-organized and renamed, resulting on 2 main categories to be presented for categorization in NIMBLE: Product and Service.


  • translation annotation has been removed. Entities and properties have been labelled by using:
  • rdfs:label@en and rdfs:label@es
  • skos:altLabel has been introduced to manage concrete synonyms of concepts