The furniture sector ontology aims at covering the scope of the furniture industry and it has been extended according to the needs of the furniture domain to the home and furnishing arena.

The furniture sector ontology is leaded by AIDIMME under the funStep© initiative. This is licensed by a BSD 3-Clause License and its use requires permission which can be requested at AIDIMME’s contact point

The ontology covers the main following resources involved in the furniture and related industry:

  • Pieces of furniture
  • Services in the furniture industry
  • Detailed logistics services just for furniture related logistics companies
  • Manufacturing processes and techniques
  • Industrial machines and equipment
  • Manufacturing facilities

The entities have properties at different levels to better characterize the resources involved in the sector domain. Also, some relationships between entities are defined to provide a more comprehensive knowledge on the meaning of the different elements in the ontology.

There are labels in English and Spanish for all concepts, synonyms of concepts, descriptions of many concepts in both English and Spanish languages, annotations,…

The funStep ontology is continuolsy updated covering new terminologies accordding to diferent stakeholders and production issues.

The furniture ontology is currently being used in the B2B Marketplace for the Home and Furnishing domain which can be accessed here.    

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